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Dan Hathway, Principal Consultant

The purpose of hathway management consulting is to deliver high quality consulting services in two distinct but related domains;


Help companies re-examine and redefine their purpose, markets and offerings to recreate competitive advantage. 
Covered by our business strategy services.

Business Technology

Provide business analysis services for organizations that need to realign their technology with the business objectives

Take ownership of business technology implementations from idea to completion with project management services.


Services overview

Our services at a glance

$500 SME strategy pack

Rediscover the potential of your firm

I am growing relationships with small and mid-sized businesses in Western Canada and am offering this package to build trust by providing exceptional value strategic, action-oriented advice.

There will be an initial interiew, followed by a concise report analyzing your market, your market position, your product and service and other factors. The report will provide you with realistic strategic options for growth and differentiation, and I will discuss the findings in person with you.

Business coaches help you do things right and provide encouragement. As a SME strategist, I take a step back and determine with you if your firm is doing the right things..